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Ryan Flannery

Most of our drivers got sucked into the sim racing life by a transformative experience with one racing game or another, but Ryan Flannery is a little different. His experience was with VR in Dirt Rally.

“The immersion was unparalleled to anything I’ve ever tried before and I’ve been hooked ever since,” he said. “Eventually the need for competition pushed me into iRacing which is where I found my home doing both road and oval racing.”

Flannery’s pace has seen him at the front end of many of our races, even if bad luck does occasionally come knocking, usually in the form of some other driver’s car knocking on his rear quarterpanel and sending him around. Flannery doesn’t let that stop him having fun, though.

“I just hope for more clean and close races with everyone else but when it comes to the final lap its checkers or wreckers.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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