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Michael Day

Michael Day is a frequent feature at the leading edge of our races, most likely thanks to experience.

“I discovered JDM on Gran Turismo in 1999,” he said. “Pikes Peak dirt, etc. Never really stopped driving pixels. Just got more into it.”

“I grew up climbing mountains on dirt with absurd horsepower and driving jdm cars like supra and skylines on road courses. Then when Forza added the ’71 Skyline I imported one irl,” he laughed.

It’s all fine and well to have top of the line sim racing rings — and in fact, many of us do. But that won’t stop you losing time to Day and his Xbox controller. Day does not have the use of his legs, thanks to a mountain biking accident. He devotes time and brain power to the development of better hand controls for differently abled drivers in sim racing and in meatspace cars.

Day is fond of jokes about his legs that we will not repeat here. You’ll have to get those straight from the source. If you can catch him, that is.

iRacing Driver page: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/CareerStats.do?custid=307119

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