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Leon Vorters

Vorters at Lime Rock Park – Fall 2020

Vorters is new to sim racing, but he’s done just about everything else in the world. Literally. His bio reads like a winning application in a Most Interesting Person competition. Here are a few selected highlights:

I am a Retired Fleet Marine Force, Command Master Chief, source Rating Hospital Corpsman. After retirement I stayed home, played a lot of ice hockey for both the Arizona Yaks and Spider Pigs. I went back to school, got another masters, in general and special education and began teaching… Additionally, baseball and soccer coach, bike repairman, uncle, father, grand dad you name it.

Jeez, Vorters. Leave some life experience for the rest of us, will ya?

Though he’s new to sim racing and working on his pace, he’s got the most important part mastered which is situational awareness. That makes perfect sense for a guy who has been in just about every situation, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering whether you may address Vorters as “Master Chief,” the answer is no. Fellow driver Jonathan Greenberg already asked.

Vorter’s responded, “That’s my dog’s name.”


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