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Jonathan Greenberg

Greenberg and his oregano car at Road Atlanta

Greenberg is a gardening aficionado and a lover of good food. How else can we explain his preferred car livery, which is covered in oregano? Though we haven’t had the chance to sample his favorite dishes, we do know he serves up a nicely-prepared pace on track.

“I’m consistently a top 5 guy and I’ve really improved my race craft,” said Greenberg. “I don’t think I’ll win but I’ll have a damn good time trying.”

Like most of our racers, Greenberg got his start with sim racing in console games. In his case it was the Forza series. But the sim racing craving really hit home when he bought a used Logitech G27 off a friend. That purchase happened sometime around April 20th of that year, which explains his chosen racing number: 420.

Though he’s a bit coy about his goals, we expect to see him at the pointy end of the field, smoking up the track.

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