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Race With Us

Join the most fun — and possibly weirdest — iRacing league in the world at half price during our introductory season!

In addition to saving humanity from consummate destruction, racers compete throughout our season to win the James Clark Hodgson, Sr. Cup, which will include a custom engraved plate on the base with the winner’s name. We will ship the cup to the winner anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to make the most entertaining sim racing league in the world. The only thing we need is your help.

Your race fees go toward hosting and other fees as well as paying our writers and broadcasters. We want to be the best there is and want want people to be happy to work with us. Compensating people for their time goes a long way in that direction.

Think of your writers, broadcasters, and commentators like the corner workers of the meatspace racing world. This just wouldn’t happen without them.

Thank you for joining us!

What do I need to race?

  1. Send an application to join the league on iRacing here: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/LeagueView.do?league=5315
  2. Use the button below or the Shop page to pay your entry fee.
  3. (optional but recommended)Come up with a custom livery for yourself for all five cars. What cars? Check the About page for rules & cars. Email paints to stewards@fprox.net.
  4. (optional but recommended) Come up with a racing persona for yourself. You will get the most out of this league if you treat it as a hilarious role-playing game. Need help? Jump on the Discord and speak to Jim Hodgson, or email jim@jimhodgson.com.
  5. Have fun… or we’re all doomed.

Save Humanity – Race With us