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Formula Prox Balance of Performance

In order to comply with the Stewards third commandment (full list of their demands here), we’ve developed the following balance of performance system for our league. Keep in mind that this system is constantly in development to produce maximum entertainment.

We race in 5 cars, all in the same class, listed here slowest to fastest.

Everyone starts in the MX-5, even if they join the season late.

Each race in the season, the car lineup will be decided by the results of the previous race according to the following formula:

  • 1st – go down 2 cars
  • 2nd – go down 1 car
  • 3rd – no change
  • 4th – go up 1 car
  • 5th and rest of field – go up 2 cars

So, for example, here are the results from an exhibition race we held at Tsukuba with everyone in Miatas:

Going by these results, in race 2 we’d expect to see:

  • Greenberg – Solstice
  • Wilmot – Spec Racer Ford
  • Day – MX-5
  • Warren – Legends
  • Onubogu etc. – Skip Barber F2000

There will be a 10-point penalty for racing in the wrong car. Stewards will post lineup before each race, giving racers time to prepare.

Sound like fun? It is. Join us.