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Stewards Release Car Lineup for Penultimate Fall 2020 Race at Summit Point

Ryan Flannery might be leading the series on points so far — in fact, he is (current standings here) — but that does not make him immune from the woes of our balance of performance.

Thanks to his win in last week’s race at Okayama, Flannery is slated to race tonight in the Solstice. He was slated to race in the SRF last week, but chose to take the penalty. Will he defy the stewards again this week? No one knows! But probably!

Fred Hazelton took second place last week, also in the Skip Barber F2000 car, which will see him drop one rung to the Legends car. Chukwuma “Chuma” Onubogu stays in his Skippy car thanks to his podium finish.

The rest of the field will be out in the Skippy car as well, which should make for some interesting comings together, no doubt. Join us!



Ryan C Flannery


Fred Hazelton


Chukwuma Onubogu

Skip Barber F2000

Carter Kundinger

Skip Barber F2000 *updated!

Michael Day4

Skip Barber F2000

Jonathan Greenberg2

Skip Barber F2000

Thor Tulloh

Skip Barber F2000

Benjamin Warren2

Skip Barber F2000

Patrick Wilmot2

Skip Barber F2000

Scott Lovett

Skip Barber F2000

Hayden Szuch

Skip Barber F2000

Leon Vorters

Skip Barber F2000



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