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Stewards Release Car Lineup for Round 4 at Tsukuba

With last week’s thrilling grand prix at Laguna Seca, we saw Carter Kundinger put in yet another field-leading performance which sent him to the top of the night’s results.

Perhaps unfortunately for Kundinger, since he won while driving the MX5, he has been knocked down the BOP ladder to the dreaded Pontiac Solstice. It will be quite a spectacle to see what a driver with Kundinger’s skills and clean driving can do with the Solstice. You won’t want to miss this one.

Ryan Flannery took second in the night’s results last week, also while piloting the Global MX5, which will see him piloting the Spec Racer Ford.

Jonathan Greenberg’s third place finish on the night will mean he stays in the Skip Barber F2000 car from last week.

Thor Tulloh finished fourth and would normally go up the BOP ladder, but since he’s already in the Skip Barber F2000 car there’s nowhere left to go.

Full Car Lineup



Patrick Wilmot2

Global MX5 Miata

Fred Hazelton

Global MX5 Miata

Michael Day4

Skip Barber F2000

Ryan C Flannery

Spec Racer Ford

Jonathan Greenberg2

Skip Barber F2000

Hayden Szuch

Skip Barber F2000

Benjamin Warren2

Skip Barber F2000

Chukwuma Onubogu

Skip Barber F2000

Scott Lovett

Skip Barber F2000

Leon Vorters

Skip Barber F2000

Thor Tulloh

Skip Barber F2000

Carter Kundinger

Pontiac Solstice

Don’t miss this race!



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