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Kundinger Charges Through at Laguna Seca

Kundinger tearing it up at Laguna Seca – Fall 2020

Kundinger showed that he has undeniable pace in last week’s race at Lime Rock Park. Despite a little rough treatment on track this week, being slapped off the race course and into the dust by Greenberg’s Skippy car, the sum of his pace on track gave him the overall win.

That might be unfortunate news for Kundinger, however, since his win in the MX5 will no doubt see him slated to race in the dreaded Pontiac Solstice next week (more on our BOP system here). Will he accept his fate, or take the 10 point championship hit?

Greenberg in the Skippy car at Laguna Seca with Lovett and Day in the background – Fall 2020

Greenberg Pirouettes in Heat One, Kundinger and Flannery Duke It Out

Greenberg put in a positively sparkling performance in the Skip Barber formula car during qualifying this week, placing himself on the top of the timing tower. Though his margin to Kundinger in 2nd place was a slim 0.131, Kundinger was in a completely different car as were Flannery and Day in p3 and p4 respectively. Greenberg’s lead over Thor Tulloh in the next fastest Skip Barber car was over a full second. That’s a hell of a margin.

But disaster struck for Greenberg once the race started. He spun his car at the Andretti hairpin, sending him plummeting right out of the lead all the way down to 10th place.

With Greenberg languishing in the dusty off-track hellscape, Flannery, Kundinger, and Day were free to battle for the lead of the race in their three MX5s. Tulloh was threatening behind as well.

After a positively thrilling on-track back and forth between Flannery and Kundinger, Kundinger managed to put his car over the line first in the first heat.

Wilmot in the #69 Solstice at Laguna Seca – Fall 2020

Heat 2: Greenberg’s Steely Eyed Determination and Lovett’s Race Craft

Amidst the madness of Heat 2’s reverse grid start, one thing became clear: Greenberg was on a mission to improve his results.

We debuted rolling starts this week rather than standing, which seemed to give a safer race opening particularly since the second heat is a reversed grid and our drivers love nothing more than to slam into one another like 90s teens at a mosh pit.

Wilmot, Vorters, and Hazelton got themselves safely out of the way for the leaders and the race was on.

Scott Lovett was faring well in the race, showing a lot of what he called “craft.”

“I’m an awful sim driver, but I have tons of racecraft because I race a lot (in the real world),” said Lovett last week. On lap 5 of heat 2, he race-crafted himself a lackluster result by attempting a pass on Day with half his car off the track, sending both cars off the racing surface and into what might as well have been outer space.

Kundinger led several laps in heat 2 before he and Greenberg had a coming together which sent Kundinger off. Greenberg crossed the finish line in first place.

Even so, it was Kundinger who gained the most points, followed by Flannery in second place on the night and Greenberg in third on a thrilling night of racing!

Full results here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WFj_VkYGeokUZC4qDS9ZDzK9TBdPfu-qDU0n6wUy484/edit#gid=1977687260



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