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Kundinger Looked Strong, but Flannery Rocked Lime Rock

Flannery at Lime Rock Park – Fall 2020

There’s no other way to say it: this week’s race at Lime Rock Park was dominated by Ryan Flannery in the Skip Barber F2000. He laid down fast lap after fast lap in the first heat, then managed to work his way through the reverse grid on heat 2 to take the win a second time. Those two wins plus fastest lap in both heats netted him a whopping 52 championship points, putting him in the lead over Fred Hazelton by a further whopping-er 36 points.

Find standings here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WFj_VkYGeokUZC4qDS9ZDzK9TBdPfu-qDU0n6wUy484/edit?usp=sharing

With 6 races left in the fall season — and keeping in mind that drivers will be able to drop two night’s of racing — it’s still anyone’s trophy to win.

Hazelton and Kundinger battling at Lime Rock Park – Fall 2020

Welcome to our new drivers: Vorters, Kundinger, and Tulloh

New racer to our league, Carter Kundinger, threw down a strong-to-quite-strong opening night, finishing second overall for the night and, with the help of Fred Hazelton, giving us some of the best on-track racing over both heats. Kundinger carved through the field like a chef’s knife through crème fraîche, even in the reverse grid of heat 2. Watching him in the MX5 battling Hazelton for position with Hazelton in the Spec Racer Ford is what this league is all about.

Thor Tulloh and Leon Vorters both put down extremely respectable performances on Tuesday, and we are positively thrilled to have all three new drivers on board with us, especially since several of our more seasoned drivers delivered … well, just imagine a half dozen wildebeests ramming into one another and covered in flaming poo and you’ll have some idea.

“I unfortunately made mistakes in both heats which made me miss out on Top 5s,” said Tulloh. “But regardless it was a ton of fun.”

Hayden Szuch was well on his way to a podium finish in heat 2 when he was hit in the gearbox by Jon Greenberg. Some intense words were had directly after the race, but the drivers seem to agree that Szuch’s car was running out of gas and might have stuttered as he was navigating the chicane.

Szuch remarked, “[That’s the] last time I take Flannery’s fuel advice.”

Tulloh and Kundinger Battle at Lime Rock Park – Fall 2020

Standings After Lime Rock



Ryan C Flannery


Fred Hazelton


Jonathan Greenberg2


Patrick Wilmot2


Hayden Szuch


Carter Kundinger


Chukwuma Onubogu


Michael Day4


Benjamin Warren2


Scott Lovett


Thor Tulloh


Leon Vorters


Full Race Replay



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