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Stewards Release Car Lineup for Lime Rock Park, Including 2 New Drivers

We live to race another week, it seems, as the all-mighty Stewards have released the car lineup for the next round of the Formula Prox Fall 2020 season: The Skippy’s Legal Fees Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park. They wouldn’t bother to release the list if they were gonna blast us all, would they? Full race recap for last week’s opening round here.

So, how will the race break down this week, as a result of our Balance of Performance system?

As we can see going by the results here, Patrick Wilmot earned the most points in last week’s two heats, taking first in the first race and clawing his way up through the reverse grid of race 2 to an impressive podium finish. As it was the first race of the season, all drivers started in the GLobal MX5 Cup car, but perhaps unfortunately for Wilmot, his performance earns him a two-slot drop down the BOP car ladder, meaning he will be piloting the dreaded Pontiac Solstice.

Second on the night was Fred “Hipcheck” Hazelton, who will drop one car to the Spec Racer Ford. Michael Day, 3rd on the night, will stay in the MX5. Ryan Flannery, 4th for the evening, will bump up one car to the Legend, whereas Greenberg and the rest of the field will run in the Skip Barber Formula 2000.

We also have two new drivers this week, Vorters and Tulloh, who will both race in the Global MX5 Cup car. Thanks to them both for jumping on board.

Car Lineup for Lime Rock Park



Patrick Wilmot2

Pontiac Solstice

Fred Hazelton

Spec Racer Ford

Michael Day4

Global MX5 Cup

Ryan C Flannery

Skip Barber F2000

Jonathan Greenberg2

Skip Barber F2000

Hayden Szuch

Skip Barber F2000

Benjamin Warren2

Skip Barber F2000

Chukwuma Onubogu

Skip Barber F2000

Scott Lovett

Skip Barber F2000

Leon Vorters

Global MX5 Cup

Thor Tulloh

Global MX5 Cup

It should be one hell of a second round. We cannot wait! Join us Tuesday night on YouTube right here.



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