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Exhibition Series Final at Road Atlanta: Day Wins Race, Flannery Takes Series

Day in the Skip Barber car, Flannery in the MX-5

The field of racers in the exhibition series final narrowed quickly to two drivers: Day in the pink-themed Skip Barber F2000 car and Ryan Flannery in the black and white MX5. Day said later that he’d purposely been holding back the Skip Barber car’s true pace, estimating it to have as much as a 1.5 second advantage on the Mazda at Road Atlanta, but also complimented series champ Flannery’s driving.

“Ryan was sending it,” said Day of Flannery.

Patrick Wilmot in the Trading Pants #69 Spec Racer Ford hoped to fare better in race three, given his second place championship spot, but it was not to be.

Scott Lovett qualified in p3 but lost a place to Wilmot, who charged from his p6 qualifying spot up to the podium. Lovett is shown here putting on a flying demonstration for Fred Hazelton, who finished 5th.

Lovett takes flight over Hazelton at Road Atlanta in the exhibition series final

Greenberg, a strong contender in the early two races of the series, was out of sorts this week, citing off-track concerns. His oregano-themed #420 car qualified P8 and finished P6. Warren and series newcomer Adam Diamond joined Onubogu to round out the field.

Onubogu said before the race his goal was to race clean and concentrate on his pace. Though the end results were not quite what he’d have liked, (he qualified P4 and finished P9) his fastest lap came late in the race and his incident count was low, so he likely considers those goals to be met.

Chukwuma – a.k.a. Chuma – Onubogu at Road Atlanta

Series Results


Series Points

Ryan C Flannery


Patrick Wilmot2


Michael Day4


Jonathan Greenberg2


Benjamin Warren2


Fred Hazelton


Chukwuma Onubogu


Scott Lovett


Adam Diamond


Kevin Bandy


Sent Round at Tsukuba

Flannery did indeed send it for the entire three-race series, coming out of the gate strong at Tsukuba, only to be sent spinning by Greenberg in turn 1. Flannery clawed his way back up to fifth at Tsukuba, setting him up to be in the much faster Skip Barber car at Daytona thanks to our league BOP system.

Payback at Daytona

In Daytona, Flannery put on a commanding performance in the Skip Barber car. He qualified first, had the fastest time of the day, and led every lap. Winning in the Skip Barber car meant he’d be driving the MX-5 in the final at Road Atlanta vs. Day in the Skip Barber car and Wilmot in the Spec Racer Ford, but that clearly did not trouble him.

Thanks to all our drivers and viewers. We can’t wait to race with you next season. Join us!



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