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Flannery Takes the Win at Daytona

Celebration for Ryan Flannery as he sailed to a win last night in Race 2 of the Formula Prox Exhibition series.

Flannery was in the Skip Barber F2000 which proved to be an untouchable car on Daytona’s road course. Flannery took pole position in qualifying then scampered away from the field on the first lap, not to be seen again until he began lapping cars later in the night.

The win comes as just revenge for Flannery who was sent around in turn 1 at Tsukuba last week by Jonathan Greenberg who turned that advantage into a win.

Greenberg languishing in the Solstice

But last week’s fortune for Greenberg earned him no joy this week. Given that he raced in the MX-5 last week, his win put him in the Pontiac Solstice for this week’s race, causing him to struggle on the high speed parts of Daytona road course.

Fred Hazelton, Scott Lovett, and Michael Day all enjoyed some close racing with one another, all in the Global MX-5 cars, with Warren and Wilmot piloting the Legends car and the Spec Racer Ford respectively.

Chukwuma “Chuma” Onubogu was the other Skip Barber car on track, but after contact with just about every other member of the field, Chuma was unable to turn his advantage into results unless, of course, we count destroyed cars as results.

Ryan Flannery now holds the top position in the season standings, followed by Wilmot, Greenberg and Warren, with it all to play for in next week’s final at Road Atlanta.

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Season Standings: https://www.danlisa.com/scoring/season_standings.php?series_id=6106



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